Saturday, May 29, 2010

$$$$$$$$Las Vegas$$$$$$$$

Las Vegas what can i say? crazy massive flash money!
 This place realy is out in the middle of the desert but the moment u drove off the freeway you have no idea where u are, cos u could be any where in the world the amount of different thing there

We wanted to make our mark on the strip straight away so with the biggest heap of brown american muscle we checked in to the 5 star Bellagio Hotel and parked it smack bang in the middle for about 30minutes
Our style was true Las Vegas with our $7 hats and $20 jakets and a couple of pretty girls we hit town.
In true style of course, champagne and a 40foot long limo!!

Our ride!
WOW bright lights everywhere! the veiw from the top of the Palms

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