Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vail traning

Just so all of u at home dont feel like ur getting riped off in the cold winter
yep thats snow and it was snowing yesterday driving to vail,

hey we have been doing a bit of traning this morning on Home stake creek where the teva games race is held, honza lasko met us there and came paddling. its a super tricky little barsted with rocks in the botom of most of the drops and at about 8000 feet 10 paddle stokes and u r realy feeling like u are going to die!!!
Home stake creek

then this afternoon we drove to glenwood spring where the US freestyle team trials are next weekend so every ones here traning, we have just been hanging out and sorted out to go paddle yule creek tomorrow which is pretty sick.

sweet well we are at BK at the moment and my burger is ready so gota go eat. god bless america for its wireless every where.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hi from Steamboat Colorado

we are really good we just hanging out with nicky kelly , we meet up with her yesterday just randomly on the drive.
Stevie and sam hanging out

we got a rental car then next morning after talking to u and spent the day just driving around checking the place out. we are in steamboat colorado at the moment where there is a race and a rodeo tomorrow which we just found out about when we meet up with nicky.
the mean rental car

Last night was prtty funny we found a bit of shealter in a park in the middle of town as it was raining, we brought air beds yesterday at walmart so we pumped them up an went to sleep but about 3am we started getting real wet which was real strange but it was the sprinklers had turnd on and just spraying stright on to us, but i found a rock and put in on it, but we were still pretty wet. Sam got the most wet and with his $5 sleeping bag from walmart which wasnt keeping him very warm anymore bailed to the car to sleep and a skype call to Kat carying about being cold and wet.
i just carryed on sleeping as i was sooooo fu#king tyed.

our first paddle was on the river which the race is on, its just 1 huge long rapid prety much for an hour but only realy class 4 stuff, but me and sam were both pretty shaterd and freaking cold.

sweet we gona paddle on the race course again an try learn it a bit more.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


HEY well the mission is at a bit of a stand still at the moment as me and samuel sutton are siting on our sore arsses in denvor airport waiting till 6 30 am for the rental car shop to open.

We had a pretty good flight here on air nz but when checking our boats in to fly to denvor from LAX had to pay $100us for each boat to get them on the plane to then the plane was delayed for about 45mins which sux just sitting in the plane on the runway not going any where.