Monday, December 20, 2010

Matt's BMX video from Wellington

My brother Matt (hes the one in the blue singlet riding) and a few of his friends shot this video a few weeks ago for a Vans video comp. They ended up coming away winning first prize in the video competition.
check it out SUNDAY/WELLINGTON video

d1nz Mt Smart Auckland - Round 3

Round 3 of the D1NZ went down this weekend at Mt Smart Stadium... and the rain kept on coming! There were a lot of pretty big crashes into the concrete barriers on the Friday practice and D1NZ rookie qualifying - I kept it off the barriers and ended up qualifying in 7th spot which was pretty good as I wasn't pushing too hard after seeing the damages being caused to a lot of other cars! Made it through to the top 8 with some consistent battles and ended up 5th after losing to Alu who had a very good chase run. I was super stoked with the weekend, didn't damage the car at all and got some good points on the board.. pity about the rain though! Now I have a few repairs to do am am gonna try get some more power out of the car before the next round (end of Feb).

Saturday, December 11, 2010

kaituna summer days video

hey all me and ryan took the go pro down the river a few weeks back and shot this sweet little vid so check it out

check out the kaituna video here

Saturday, December 4, 2010

powercruise photos

Powercruise  is a very cool weekend and anyone with a cool car should get there next year
the drift demo and competition was alot of fun but sunday didnt really go that well as the party and walk home that night before took it out of me.

thanks a lot to nick from garage h for the photos over the weekend, the cruising sessions are the perfect way to get out on the track for two days of fun and games with your mates

speed hunters pictures

hey all, ive been getting exposure in some pretty big web sites and publications lately, have a look at this one from the speedhunters web site which is one of the most viewed car culture sites.

check out the article here from speed hunters

All so a very good write up from octane culture from round 2 of the d1nz, there is a sweet photo of me labled as ( repco s14 )

 check othe the artical here from octane culture

Monday, November 29, 2010

sinco customs

I'd like to say a big thanks to SINCO CUSTOMS who I'm very proud to say have sorted me out with one of their works of art, a sr20det exhaust manifold. One look at this manifold and you go wow, but really spending time to look at the workmanship that has gone into it and you truly understand just how good these guys are at what they do and that they are the best out there! So stay tuned for the up dates for the power upgrade coming soon. Check out their web site SINCO CUSTOMS

D1nz round 2 manfeild

First of all I'd like to thank the GARAGE H boys Nick and homo opps i mean Simon for all the help and fun times over the weekend!!! Cheers boys and everyone else for helping me out.
I ended the weekend in 4th place with some pretty crazy driving along the way but fully stoked on that,  big ups to all the rookies drivers for stepping it up and putting on 1 hell of a show and showing every 1 that we can drive just as well as the D1 drivers,  but with our whole cars worth maybe as much as their wheels!

 keep posted for the full up date and pics

nz drift video

Hey I put together this little video of the NZ Drift Nats at Hampton Downs
check it out NZ Drift video

Friday, November 5, 2010

powercriuse taupo

Powercriuse Taupo is the next event on the calender come along and check it out, its fast becoming one of the biggest events in Australasia.


After weeks of preping the car trying to save enough coin and many sleepless night worrying if the poor old van would make it towing my car all the way to powerbuilt tools raceway, it was time to leave.
Me and rach left rotorua early morning to get to Otaki to pick up tyres and change them over before the earll start thursday to get the 8 30 ferry, Dan and Giz turned up at about 6am and in true fashion i was still in bed, and trying to turn around on the lawn got stuck and had to tow the van off the lawn. so the trip got off to a great start!

The ferry ride was good with alot of other guys on the same ferry the girls were sick of us talking about cars already. the drive to Christchurch went well, and drove through a pretty cool snow storm just south of kaikoura.

My main man Dan Walker doing all the hard work for me,

The days drifting didnt really go as planed,  I qualified in 8th place.  as you have 5 runs and the average of those five runs is where you end up, i did 4 runs that were all exactly the same and had smoth lines but i think i miss counted and thought i had done 5 so went a little harder as i was getting alittle board and tryed to hook 4th coming out of the 1sr coner but missed the gear and stright lined so put my average way down.
dan wanted his own car to drive so knock to geather this little beauty between runs!
The 1st run of the top 16 battles didnt really go to plan eather, i was leading 1st run and went out with my be alittle to much confidence and didnt warm the tyres up enough came in to the 1st coner with good angle but just as i went to get on the power the front wheels started to lose grip and sledged the front causeing me to go off line straighten and hand the win over to the other guy, in the chase i was all over him whand he made a mistake but in the judges eyes wasnt enough to win, so that was the end of that, and good learning expereance if anything!
we had a sweet trip driving back north and kaikoura area is so beautiful with the snow right behind the town
the van made the trip no worrys at all, so till next time keep charging

Monday, October 11, 2010

NAC drift nats

After a quality days drifting at Hampton Down for the Nac NZ Drift Nationals last weekend, I've been busy in the shed with the sounds cranking building a new tyre rack for my trailer and trying to make my car go faster but really its probably not going to, so I just have to drive it like I stole it until I get sum more money to spend on it!

I'm so stoked with my 6th place finish against some of NZ's best last weekend just really showing my self that I can drive with the skill level of the best guys just that with half the horse power its hard to keep up - now the count is on for the first round of the D1NZ Drifting Nationals, which is in Christchurch this Labour weekend. Me, Rach Dan and Giz are looking forward to packing up the trusty van and road tripping it down South for a long weekend of tyre shredding action!

I'm happy to announce a new sponsor I've picked up today for my Drifting - REPCO Rotorua. Thanks a lot REPCO, your support means a lot and will go a long way this season.

Here are a selection of photos from Hampton Downs - the first of so many great days drifting to come this season.. yea boy!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NAC NZ Drift Nationals Hampton Downs

hey all had a sick day drifting at hampton downs on sunday, check out a video of me winning my way into 6th place against the best in the country

Watch the video here Nac NZ Drift Nationals

more photos and video to come soon

Thursday, September 9, 2010

night shots

there was a beautiful full moon out the other night so i had to go take some photos around the golf course at home.

took this last 1 looking up the back from home in otaki, after getting home from the states

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tryna pay the bills, and go drifting

Yes well back at home and back to the 8 to 5 working day, but what keeps me going through the cold rainy Rotorua days strangely enough is the thought getting home and doing some more work on my car, the reason behind that is I get to spend the weekends away all summer driving this poor old car as hard and fast as I possibly can!

I love the life style and enjoyment that cames from the time spent away kayaking and wouldn't trade it for anything, but for me the rush from kayaking big rapids and water falls is out done a lot of the time by the feeling of taking this car sideways around a track faster then most people have ever been in a car, the sound of the engine screaming its head off on the rev limiter, tyres burning up as they slide across the track and looking out the side window at a concrete wall getting closer and closer as you try to scrape the rear bumper along it just to make the people watching go wow!
I dont think most people will ever understand what it is like to control a car in this way and I hope that they never do, other wise there will be so many people doing it I'll never get a space to get on the track!!
Any way Ive been trying to tidy up my poor beat up car and give it a fresh coat of paint and pretty much rebuild it so it works again, it costs a lot of time and money to do all this plus get to the track buy tyres, gas, tyres gas and um more tyres so if theres any one out there thats got some spare cash lying around let me know and I might be able to take you for a ride in exchange!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Time to go home

Well its been 1 of the best tirps ive had away kayaking ever.
Starting off by running Metlako falls the 1st day kayaking, to having a 2nd and 3rd in races in Colorado, Dinky Creek which is my new favourite river and walking my sorry arse to the top of Graceland Slide and flying to the bottom, all the other amazing times paddling, hanging out with Rach in the big brown van and just spending time with all the crazy cool people on this 3 month long epic trip... thanks to all of you and I can't wait to do it all over again next time!

A big thanks to Bliss-stick for the boat
                         Nut case helmets
                         The family
                         Evan Garcia for showing us the way
                         Chris Pyle for helping us out so much

Now I can't wait to get home and take over the drifting world with my crazy new idea for my car!

Watch this space
peace and keep charging in what ever you do!!!

Upper Cherry

It was time for Upper Cherry, over the years I've heard a lot about this river and seen crazy photos of it from Sam Sutton getting stuck in the pot hole on Cherry Bomb, pics of boys walking in to the put-in in a foot of snow, stories of " kiwi in a pocket ", but I think for us this time the stories of 40 people walking in the day we were going too, and the put-in slide having a metre of water flowing down it has to be 1 of the tallest tales I've heard in a long time!

Getting to Groveland late at night and walking for an hour then camping was always our plan, but we didn't walk that night as the stories put us off... Thankfully for us we had EG the killer who was going in there rain hail or shine, he started packing his gear that night at the trail head and said " I'm waking my arse up at 4am and hiking my tired arse up to the put-in", so we hit the sack.

The hike in is about 12 miles and isn't too bad a walk, until the sun gets over the hill at about 8 30am,

The snow on the trail stays around for a long time and provides for some amazing high country lakes and meadows as the brutal sun hasn't had time to dry it out like the lower elevation 
YEA BOY!!!! made it to the last little down hill to the put-in after a good 5 hours walking with about 40kg of boat on my back!! From the lookout is also one of the most amazing views, with all the huge granite domes capped with the last little bit of snow.
most of the 1st day's paddling is all low angle slides in the most amazing wide open granite vally I think most kayakers have ever seen
Cherry Bomb, it's just sick! Huge slabs of granite have fallen into this tight gorge and the water is damed up and flows around the side if it causing this amazing little slide with a ledge at the bottom for a perfect kicker..

We ran Cherry Bomb the 1st day then walked back up the second day and did it again, and as for the stories of it being super high and 40 people... it was low and there were 8 people in there the first night!

Cherry Bomb, just a sick place! Big thanks to the girls who hiked across the sheer granite face to the 'media ledge' to take photos of us running Cherry Bomb!
EG the killa loving life at the end of Cherry Bomb gorge

I don't think I've ever seen any video or photos of Kiwi in a Pocket, but had definately heard a lot about it and most of us on the trip wanted to fire this thing up. Getting there, it looked a lot better then I had imagined, Evan hadn't run it before and he fired it up 1st and cleaned the line, I was already half way to my boat before he got to the bottom of the rapid and fired it of with a stella line. Brendon wanted a piece of the action and headed for his boat and styled it to. No kiwis in the pocket this year!

I splashed out at Walmart one day and got a $12 fishing pole and it paid off with this monster of a fish out of the pool at the camp site, I have to say that this was the biggest fish I saw pulled in and most of the locals would keep fish half this size!

The tea cups after Cherry Bomb Gorge is one of the funnest set of rapids I've ever paddled, and provided our 15 or so kiwis a great place to try and land on each other as we boofed off the drops
We had trains like this going all day, everyone had so much fun and just couldn't stop walking up for another go

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moro rock

Moro rock is a huge piece of granite over looking Sequoia National Park, we went looking for bears cos Brendon hadn't seen any, and as we were leaving the sun started going down. We ran to the top of the rock for one of the most amazing afternoons of the trip. Enjoy...

Tunnel Log - a fallen Giant Sequoia tree that's been cut out and the road put through it. This tree could be up to 3000 years old! The sign said 8 feet clearance - we were exactly 8 feet high coz it just scraped the top of the boats!

East Kaweah round 2

 Paddling down the bottom of the West Cherry, the Upper Cherry still looked really high so we headed back to Three rivers to hang out till the river level came down.
The East Kaweah had came down a bit too which was a lot more fun round two, being able to run Triple Drop

More crazy go pro shots
Triple drop is the sickest boof into the top off the right, then get your nose up for the next two holes

EG the killer stoked on running Triple Drop!
Its really crazy how many photos I've got in the middle of some big rapids of me playing with my eyes trying to get my contacts in my eyes so I can see where I'm going, and a lot of the time I just cant freaking see where I'm going! but oh well makes things more interesting!  

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

West Cherry

I dont think I will ever be able to find my way to the put-in to West Cherry by myself, nor want to. The long gravel logging road takes left and right turns at random all over the place, but with Evan as our guide with his crazy memory we made it... only to have to set up camp with a million sandflies!

Rach enjoying the camp fire before the long walk the next day
The fire was about the only place other than the tent to get relief from the bugs

It's crazy how fast the world spins, this was only about 5 minute exposure.

3 hours with this big heavy boat sux!!!

getting to this point = great nearly there!
launching the beast of a slide = priceless

Graceland slide had only been run by 6 other people before I got my chance, Evan Garcia fired it up for his second go and it was just amazing. I hit a flake rock after the pothole and had a little roll but got my sh*t together and made it to the bottom with a smile on my face.

on the home straight.

update to continue................