Thursday, August 7, 2008

Drifting in rotorua

me drifting up mount ngongotaho in rotorua just after getting my car all finished
click link s14 drift

Going big in Norway

After a cold start to the NZ winter id had enough so booked a
flight to Oslo Norway to catch up with Sam Sutton. The lake to lake slide just one of the many sweet drops we paddled in one of the best trips ever!! voss lake front

me josh and sam trying to sleep
teams race day
summer skiing in norway


hey just made my blog, check it out
Me sam and josh spent a month in norway kayaking some of the most amazing white water in the world around the beautiful town of voss. Half way through our trip we raced in the voss extream week time trial and head to head kayak races with the kiwi boys dominating it , mike dawson 1st in the time trial, mike 1st sam 2nd me 3rd in the head to head.


After the start of a very cold winter in New Zealand i was over it so booked a flight to Oslo Norway to meet up with Sam Sutton and Josh Neilson, the 1st day started out early after driving all night from oslo to voss with a run down the brandseth, sick run!!! I was very happy a few weeks later at the VOSS EXTREME RACE on the brandseth river with 12th in the time trial and 3rd in the head to head even though i had partially dislocated my shoulder 6 days earlier an hadnt paddled untill the day of the race.