Tuesday, June 30, 2009


hers sum of dylans photos from the week

jamie hit a little rock in a water fall!! itl weld up no worrys
sams boat was also on fire an we had to put it out for him!!! he was super stoked with us
me dan an dylans sweet camping spot in voss with 1 of the best veiws ever
167km down the highway with no feet an no hands thats how we roll
the bottom of the tegdalan


we have had a prety sick time, the races have sucked but the paddling an partying have been amazing, when we got here we meet up with Ian Garcia who we have been chilling with for the last week! we also got on the tegdalan at a sweet flow and me an sam ran notadrop which has only been run by kiwis sucsesfully, its got a nasty little lead in with a 30 foot water fall the the bottom but half of the water lands on rocks so u have to stick ur line or ull die!
heres a few pics from the last few weeks

me filming on the merkdal

we spent a bit of time playing in the snow

the big slide on the tegdalan
this car had a fire in itdouble drop on the tegdalan was fuking amazing, super clean boof in to a nice 45er off the bottom, we had a few mixed lines from sum of the other boys

Friday, June 19, 2009

devils slide

well after the race which was fun but i sucked in an landed on my head off a 10meter water fall, me sam an kat drove up another vally to check out devils slide which i have seen alot of pics of but dosnt realy show what its going to be like in the eddie looking down this thing, an sam said it was higher then last year when he was there, we both had sweet lines an it was an amazing day

hanging at an amazing little lake in italy

devils slide

the longest drive ever

hey picked up dan an dylan on tuesday an we have been driving through europe on our way to norway for sum sick boating we made a few stops on the way the 1st being augsburg where i took dan for his 1st kayak lession of the trip which was prety funny, the 2nd stop being Amsterdam where no man is safe alone!!!

dylan in the sex musem

the boys having a beer

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

just hanging out

heres a few pics from the last few days,  josh lou and tyler got here yesterday which is sweet to catch up with them. 2 days ago we drove to Denver to pick up Mike dawson, he had a bit of a spill yesterday on Homestake smashing his face on a rock, he was ok with just a bit of a bleeding nose

me at homestake
Glenwood canyon

the boys josh sam tyler mike hanging out side our motel in vail

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yule creek!!! hell yeah

hey  yesterday we went up to yule creek bombed the shit, had anamzing day.

this is the 2nd of the 2 big slides which drops into the pool an then off another 30footer, the 1st 1 is a tricky little 30footer into a pool then off a big slide with a big right turn in it, this 

me on the water fall after the second slide, if u look hard half way down the water fall rush sturges is going down backwards. mean as day
this is the slide after the 30footer

these last 2 are just sum lead in stuff above the big slides

sam on the 2nd big slide