Monday, May 10, 2010


Well i dont know how to explain the 1st 3 days in the usa, just amazing, day 1 pick up da rental car from da air port drive down to the geto in san jose and pick up our sweet van

I gotto take 4 strokes in my new mystic then stright over punch bowl falls, this is about 500meters above metlako falls

Hang out in san fran for day 2 then i drove all night the get to hood river met up with Tyler bradt and Ian who pointed us in the direction of metlako falls. Id have to say me and ryan had the best day kayaking of our lives running metlako falls 80 foot of pure fun, sam my think it was sweet in a few days but hes got a bit of a sore head after he punched him self in the face on landing the beast, me and ryan had sick lines, so check it out

ryan droping it, full style

me 2 3rds down u can c my paddle but im in the water fall, what a sick day wasnt that big of a hit

our sick v8 dodge ram van in san fran

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Jacob Saunders said...

Hey Bradley! Good show at Punchbowl and Metlako. I have some crappy resolution digital camera video of one of you (I think the last one) going down Punchbowl filmed from the top of the falls: