Friday, May 21, 2010

Over nighter

After leaving the feather river we headed back south to Yosemite national park to paddle the Merced river.  Its an amazing part of the counrty with towering granite rock faces and deep valleys full of cool white water. We got on the river at about luch time and headed off, it was a new experience trying to paddle a boat with so much gear in it. A few of the boys really making things look hard spending alot of time upside down.

This Photo is thanks to Candace who walked way down into the river bed on the south branch of the feather.

Hot weather cold water and beautiful senery, what more could you want!

Sam getting down in front of 1 very cool slide that had a massive hole in the bottom

We set up a very cool camp sit but it was pretty cold and had a few spits of ran so we had to snugle together under the tarp to keep warm and dry
Nate Gracia styling 1 of the sweetest moves on day 2
We decided to get a hotel room to let lose for a night and get out of sleeping in the van

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