Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a few weeks ago dan and nath came up from otaki to stay, heading for the 2009 4 and rotary nats in auckland,
after a crazy night on the beers at lava bar in rotorua and a late start due to not much sleep we got the cars on the trailer and headed for Meremere.
arriving around 7 with securaty searching all through the van an the car for beers which were hiden well away so the couldnt find them we got in and set up camp. I was a little worryed about scrutinaring as i didnt have a warrent or rego but the organiser had said it would be fine, but as normal the drag racing homos were out saying i couldnt race as its a dangeres track dispite the car having a manz spec rollcage and log book which allows me to drift around coners at over 170kph. with alot of waiting for some one to say i could race i got the ok and its time for skids