Monday, February 28, 2011

d1nz website photos

 Heres afew photos and comments from the d1nz web site after round 4 over the weekend

This is from the d1nz website:

 "Over the course of the day the Top 16 kicked of with some sure stand outs. Alu Nathan borrowed Graeme Mutch’s car (dad) to really stomp his mark on the track picking up a well deserved 4th place, local Pukekohe resident Brandon Rogerson picked up the pace in his 180sx and pushed to claim 3rd spot for his first podium in D1Rookie, The 2 to beat currently in the Rookie Championship battled it out with Bradley lauder narrowly missing out and giving young gun Nico Reid top podium spot – watch out for these 2 they will be some future stars in NZ drifting."

Sunday, February 27, 2011

D1NZ round 4 Taupo

Hey, after a very stressfull month trying to get the car all back together for round 4 a 2nd place was pretty well earnt! After a long morning on friday trying to repair a blowen intercooler pipe for qualifying i was a bit nervous that it was going to do it again but still ended up qualifying 2nd behind Nico reid who i also ended up lossing to in the final.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

drift car upgrades

hey all, I know its been awhile since I last put sumthing up here but ive been a little busy out in the shed!! after round 3 i new my motor was alittle sad after around 4 years of beating on it drifting. so pulled it out and found 1 piston had nipped up abit from getting to hot, so a little freshen up was in order, with the cost of the after market parts being around the same as the nissan oem parts i went out and found a few top of the line parts to get a little more out of the motor!

 my motor now has a set of acl race bearings, arp rod bolts, cp forged pstion in the botom end and up top a cometic head gasget, kelford cams "ultimite drift cams" along with a set of heavyier valve springs. Hanging of the side now is the beautiful Sinco Customs manifold with a lager holset turbo, for now just cos i had it in the shed and looks cool as! but next week will be geting a gt37 masterpower turbo
As the motor was now out of the car and had sum time i cut out the old front wheel arches and made these sexy big tubs that now allows me to run as bigger wheel and as much lock as i like with no rubbing. so with that done i took out the cross member cut the steering rack mounts off and moved the rack forward about 15mm which gave me around 5 degress more look after taking the grinder to the steering lock stops.

I cant really beleve it myself how good the engine bay looks now, and very staunch with that big turbo hanging off the side!! stay tuned for the end results!!! i cant wait to drive this thing now. hopfully ill get about half as much power again out of it