Friday, August 14, 2009

back flip time!!!!

Well the last few weeks since ive been home from europe ive been hanging out with ryan lucas alot as hes broken his hand an ive got no job so we just a couple of bums doing cool shit, we got sum wood made a ramp an started tryna flip. i was getting half the rotation the 1st day but as the lake was cold as cos its the middle of winter gave up, put sum more gear on today an started throwing again, but as i was nearly getting it hit the water real hard with the side of my head an think i mite of blowen my ear drum, so got my motox helmet taped up my ear an carryed on which all payed off an i got it sused, have a look!!!!!!!!! 

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the long trip home!!

i hate airoplanes!!!!!
shanghai our 24 hour stop over on the way, it was a crazy city
dan had to sleep in here cos the bed wasnt big enough
the only crash we had the whole trip an i wasnt even driving was in a chinese taxi
tip #1 .....the best way to get served at a flash restaurant when u only have 12euros in coins is in a wheel chair!!!!!

leaving france 4 spain

beautiful france

the boarder crossings have real tight security if ur car dosnt fit through here u cant go into spain
the redbull x fighters is 1 amazing night!!!!! get better Sincs!!!!!
the southern coast of spain is amazing im gona go live there 1 day

spain an france what a place

hey well after leaving prague we camped out a night in the woods which was a sweet caming spot with a box of beers good music an lack of clothing, the next morning we drove dylan to the airport in frankfurt stayed there the night an started the amazing trip across france to Paris an down to spain to watch the redbull x fighters in the plaza de toros de las ventas,

best camping spot ever  

along the way we found this big tower, it wasnt really that cool!!
but the la mans race track was sick, home of raceings gre
atest 24 hour race

diesel power!!!!