Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Steam boat springs race

After leaving las vegas we headed to colorado for the big races, our 1st stop was steamboat springs.
the hold a great little event here every year that consists of a freestyle and time trial creek race.
me ripping it up in the freestyle, coming in an amazing 3rd to last.
may be i should get in a play boat more then once a year
As we pulled up the the river for the creek race we came across these two young moose hanging out eating some trees, they didnt seem to bothered by us and just wandered past the cars and off into the bush. they are very big animals

the water in this little creek has to be the coldest ive ever paddled in, half way through the race i couldnt grab my paddle with my fingers. i was pretty stoked on my 2nd place.
trainer for the homestake creek race in vail, this is a very nasty little creek and will hurt you very fast if ur not on ur game

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