Friday, May 14, 2010

The classics

Well yesterday was just one sweet day doing the classic runs around hood river. We stayed in a very nice hotel that had a swimming pool and hot tube an hour out of Portland which was great to just relax after a few big hits on the body the last few days, then got up and headed to the put in of the Little white salmon. Sam was feeling alot beter and was stoked to be coming boating. After that meet up with EG and LJ and headed for the White salmon. 

Our sweet van looking good
The crew for the days boating Sam, LJ, Mike, EG, Rodrigo Me, Ryan
EG boofing big brother, it was a pretty high flow and i made a little trip into the cave but it was super chill and just paddled out
Our cheerleading team looking good in front of the fire.

Sam pluging BZ falls this thing has a 50/50 hole in the bottom u eather make it or swim he made it through i didnt! I pluged it but came up on the wrong side of the river and went back in so decided to make like a salmon and swin my ass out of there! It was pretty funny and in true Sam style yelling "SWIM YOU F#$KING PUSSY" the whole time. All good an i was happy as Ryan had just brought new bootys that i could drink my beer from!

We have just been hanging out in Hood river for the day letting the bodys recover a bit and the girls go shopping. This afternoon we are driving back south, bound for Cali with Evan and Candice to check out a few more water falls .

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