Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Went to the 4 and rota nats at manfeild on the weekend had a gud day but found out what to much traction in the rear is like to drift with no hp, u dont drift just drive around. any way heres a vid from a battle with steve sole. and u beta check this out >watch
heres a few photos from the day

matt carlos and my car looking pimp before a day thrashing

on the gas round the s's

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

car pics

hey just been working on my car a bit sorting a few things out an making it look mean for the 4 and rotary nats this weekend, and kenny came down and took sum pics for me.  

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

bullerfest 09

After a long drive down from vegas and a good night's sleep, it was boater cross time with a huge field of over 100 paddlers. It was looking to be a long day, after some amazing racing and good fun had by all, the final for the mens was set to begin with Tyler Fox, Sam Sutton, Johann Roozenburg, and myself. I had a sick race and came out the winner for the second year running. Stoked!!! All thanks to paddling a sick Mac 1.

After the weekend of partying we headed to the coast for 4 days of sick heli kayaking thanks to bruce dandos an his mean 300c choper. the 1st day we split into two groups the hard cores and the pussys, us hard outs (me sam mike and johann) went up the kokatai which was f#$kn high and mean pushy, since it was johanns 1st trip to the coast he was peaking out at times but we had a sick day!!! 

Then to the citron race on the kawerau river where the big pushy water was going to be a little harder to get sweet lines on and the killer hangover setting in we got under way.

With some early upsets of sam sutton and dylan getting knocked out i was upagainst mike dawson in the semi, it was time for my A game which was a bit of a mission seeing as id been out partying untill 4 that morning, and i won stoked again but didnt know who was going to be in the final untill jamie sutton and johann had raced, jamie had a sick run beating johann and making it to the final with me, and due to some very average paddling by me jamie took the win and all the glory an girls!!! so thanks alot guys for the awsome boats dominating the racing world at the moment