Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rach has been trying to teach me how to use photoshop and i made this sweet photo!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Well what a week its been boken backs an backflips

last friday ryan pete and my self week to check out a new creek flowing off the kaimais that a few of the boys have been trying to get on for awhile now an all the rain we had made it a great flow for our 1st D, we had a really good trip down for about an hour with some sick little drops and slids untill we came to a huge horizen line, thinking that i would just be a fast walk around with our boats untill closer inspection the massive slide really looked like a go so i walked up an jumped in my boat for the 1st D, i came off the lip little to right an hit a rock realy hard with my nose which started to spin me an theres no way i was going down the second half sideways so just kept spining an ran the last bit backwards which turned out really good.

ryan was up next with a line at the top that looked that same as mine but unlucky skiped off a ledge an landed real flat with a rock right under his arse an broke his back on impact, he came out of the rest of the slide sweet but was in huge pain at the bottom.

After leaving him in his boat for a while because we had no idea if its was broken or how badly finaly got him out an lay him down then i started the long walk out for help, after a long wait for rescue services trying to figure out how they wanted to get him out, an it being to dark for the choper to long line him out we straped him to a strecher an slowly 1 foot at a time pulled him up the 150meter slipery bank to where the farmer had his tractor an tralier to take him out to the ambo.
now hes all good, got a big brace on an can walk around sweet an take pictures of me doing these sweet backflips!!!

GET WELL SOON RYAN!!!!!!!!!good work phil!!!

And today ive been trying to hurt myself to doing some backflips so me an ryan can hang out an do nathing for the next few months but it didnt happen so i think ill have to go out an find a job, DAM!!!!!!

geting ready for the hits

this parts sceary
an this is more sceary
an this is the holy f@#k point
now time to stick it
trying to spot the landing
yeah boy an ride away, soooo stoked!!!!