Thursday, May 13, 2010

Looking for water falls

Today is Ryans birthday so we sat down on the net this morning and had a good look for big water falls that might be going off. As there is 73 water falls up the Columbia river gorge there was alot to look at, we found a few sweet ones so set off to check them out. 

This is Bridal Veil falls, the bottom drop is sweet to go but we wanted to check out a few other better drops and the top will be ago at higher water but a massive hit at the bottom, i think we will be back here one day

Rach and me
Sam getting up close and personal as im checking out the line on money drop as its been named which is on Rock creek, the heart rate was pretty high as Todd Wells broke his back here about 5 weeks earlier.

 This has to be the sickest place in the world! Staring down the tube from the lip of a good 55footer.
I had a beautiful line an pluged it perfect which i was stoked on as theres a big shute leading up to the lip which gives you heaps of speed.
 Ryan ready for impact, he had a pretty sweet line but did manage to break his 2nd paddle in as many days. Happy birthday bro!!!!!
Ryan and I stoked on the run, another 2 kiwis learning to fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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