Sunday, June 20, 2010


I had a sweet day doing laps on OBJ with Dane jackson and a few boys that were hanging out in Salida, its a sweet little run.

The 1st little drop, it was pretty low but everything still went with a little scraping

The second drop which is the biggest on the run,
Theres a few little slides like this on the run which would be cool with heaps of water!

The valley is just beautiful, snow-capped hills and icy cold clear whitewater

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harley said...

hey man looks like you havin a ball i been keepin an eye on what you been up 2.
wals karrek? thing was on telly tonight. you must be happy he finaly got the recognition for it after all this time.
sorry i havnt written sooner but just figured out how to do it again :]keep up the good work bud