Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2010 Teva mountain games

The Teva Mountain Games in Vail would have to be the best week of action sports I've been to, and with bands, stalls with all the free stuff you can carry, and different events on the whole week there's a lot to take in.
The week starts off with the steep creek race on Homestake Creek.

Then for us kayakers the long boat time trial on Saturday is the next event. With no one bringing any long boats with them, we spent all morrning asking the locals if we could use their old dancers, old wavesports and anything that might be faster then a creek boat. I used an old wavesport boat that seemed really good sitting in it for 1 minute on the bank, but after about 5minutes into the 16minute race it felt like I had no legs or feet which made things a little hard to paddle! I pushed on through and ended up 10th, which seemed an ok time for the boat I was paddling.
In the meat of Homestake creek, go upside down and loose your face on the rocks
trying to hit these little slot lines at 11000 feet really is hard work

this is the cleanest drop on the course and still has a few rocks in the bottom

I ended up 12th over all which I was a little disapointed with, I had a good 1st run until the bottom, where I got stuck on top of a rock and plugged the last drop, which lost a few seconds. I was in 15th and knew I wasnt going to win anything, so for my second run I just wanted to have a clean run, I have a great deal of trouble in the altitude getting air in so just took it easy and stuck a good clean run but it was a bit slow.
my 1st run was 202, and 2nd run 158 seconds.
Big ups to Sam for winning after his swim a few days before, sams 1st run 150 and 2nd 152. Go boy!
The guys in the slope style were ripping, they make our paddling
 look lame!!!

Our massive house we stayed in was sick! Every body had a great time even though it was a little hard to sleep at times with the party going early into the morning.. but thanks every one for a great time!!

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