Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lyons outdoor games

Leaving Glenwood Springs, Rach and I drove East to Lyons for the Outdoor Games. Hanging out for a few days in the nice hot sun playboating and paddling the river was awesome.

Today was the creek race and it poured with rain all night. With only a few leaks through the van roof, we headed up the flooded river. This has to be one of the gnarliest race courses I've been on, making Homestake Creek, Vail, look like a walk in the park. 5 1/2 minutes of Colorado mank mixed with hand freezing temperatures makes it one tough race. Tao and I had spent the last few days paddling the creek and it paid off for the both of us, with Tao winning and me coming second.

Also, in bigger news I got a sweet new ride from the bike shop in Lyons. It's a GT Ruckus UF and it's so much fun!
This afternoon we have the team Boater X, then the slalom and down river race tomorrow.

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Ryan said...

Shot on the second place, that bike looks sick as!