Wednesday, July 14, 2010

West Cherry

I dont think I will ever be able to find my way to the put-in to West Cherry by myself, nor want to. The long gravel logging road takes left and right turns at random all over the place, but with Evan as our guide with his crazy memory we made it... only to have to set up camp with a million sandflies!

Rach enjoying the camp fire before the long walk the next day
The fire was about the only place other than the tent to get relief from the bugs

It's crazy how fast the world spins, this was only about 5 minute exposure.

3 hours with this big heavy boat sux!!!

getting to this point = great nearly there!
launching the beast of a slide = priceless

Graceland slide had only been run by 6 other people before I got my chance, Evan Garcia fired it up for his second go and it was just amazing. I hit a flake rock after the pothole and had a little roll but got my sh*t together and made it to the bottom with a smile on my face.

on the home straight.

update to continue................

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harley said...

hey bro thtas some crazy shit!!!
glad i dont know how to paddle i would be drowened by now.
the movie is mean as tho gives you a way better idea of what it like.
look foward to the storys will come catch up when your back