Thursday, July 1, 2010

Royal Gorge

I was very excited after getting back from Colorado to find out Royal Gorge was going, so Evan, myself, Will, Drew, Toni, and Sam got all our over night gear and headed to the put-in of the 3 day paddle.
It starts off a bit manky but soon cleans up to some real cool clean rapids, then just as we started getting used to our super heavy boats the river drops into Heath Springs Gorge.

Drew droping Heath One. Its a sweet 35 footer, but 50meters after it is Heath Two. I landed pretty hard off Heath One and broke my paddle which Iwas prety pissed about, but the Werner split I got to use was sick.

This is the last little mini gorge about 100metres above Rattle Snake camp site, and a really fun drop to run!

We got down to Rattle Snake and fired it up that night before setting up camp. Its a pretty crazy ferry to get to the middle of the river in order to miss the ledge halfway down the falls, but the boil does push you back to the left as you drop off the lip. I had a sweet line and our whole crew ran it sweet. Big ups to Toni George for firing it up and styling it!

Rattle Snake camp site is sick, with a nice big camp fire already set up no sand flies and listening to Rattle Snake Falls thumping away all night in the back ground, its just amazing.

I found this little bugger hiding on the track on one of the portages on day 3.

Day two's sick little 25 footer. Evan was on fire and ran everything, Heath Two, Scotts Drop and Wabena. He styled the top of Scotts Drop but was unlucky and got ejected at the bottom after hitting a ledge. Drew ran it too and knocked all his front teeth out at the bottom and had to paddle the 25miles out from 12.30pm.

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