Friday, November 5, 2010


After weeks of preping the car trying to save enough coin and many sleepless night worrying if the poor old van would make it towing my car all the way to powerbuilt tools raceway, it was time to leave.
Me and rach left rotorua early morning to get to Otaki to pick up tyres and change them over before the earll start thursday to get the 8 30 ferry, Dan and Giz turned up at about 6am and in true fashion i was still in bed, and trying to turn around on the lawn got stuck and had to tow the van off the lawn. so the trip got off to a great start!

The ferry ride was good with alot of other guys on the same ferry the girls were sick of us talking about cars already. the drive to Christchurch went well, and drove through a pretty cool snow storm just south of kaikoura.

My main man Dan Walker doing all the hard work for me,

The days drifting didnt really go as planed,  I qualified in 8th place.  as you have 5 runs and the average of those five runs is where you end up, i did 4 runs that were all exactly the same and had smoth lines but i think i miss counted and thought i had done 5 so went a little harder as i was getting alittle board and tryed to hook 4th coming out of the 1sr coner but missed the gear and stright lined so put my average way down.
dan wanted his own car to drive so knock to geather this little beauty between runs!
The 1st run of the top 16 battles didnt really go to plan eather, i was leading 1st run and went out with my be alittle to much confidence and didnt warm the tyres up enough came in to the 1st coner with good angle but just as i went to get on the power the front wheels started to lose grip and sledged the front causeing me to go off line straighten and hand the win over to the other guy, in the chase i was all over him whand he made a mistake but in the judges eyes wasnt enough to win, so that was the end of that, and good learning expereance if anything!
we had a sweet trip driving back north and kaikoura area is so beautiful with the snow right behind the town
the van made the trip no worrys at all, so till next time keep charging

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