Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vail traning

Just so all of u at home dont feel like ur getting riped off in the cold winter
yep thats snow and it was snowing yesterday driving to vail,

hey we have been doing a bit of traning this morning on Home stake creek where the teva games race is held, honza lasko met us there and came paddling. its a super tricky little barsted with rocks in the botom of most of the drops and at about 8000 feet 10 paddle stokes and u r realy feeling like u are going to die!!!
Home stake creek

then this afternoon we drove to glenwood spring where the US freestyle team trials are next weekend so every ones here traning, we have just been hanging out and sorted out to go paddle yule creek tomorrow which is pretty sick.

sweet well we are at BK at the moment and my burger is ready so gota go eat. god bless america for its wireless every where.


glauder said...

great to hear the life and times of Bradley. Keep well and warm
Love Mum Dad ArmidaleXXXXX

Josh Neilson said...

got 2 more days up here in quebec then head down to see u fullas! chur chur