Saturday, May 23, 2009


HEY well the mission is at a bit of a stand still at the moment as me and samuel sutton are siting on our sore arsses in denvor airport waiting till 6 30 am for the rental car shop to open.

We had a pretty good flight here on air nz but when checking our boats in to fly to denvor from LAX had to pay $100us for each boat to get them on the plane to then the plane was delayed for about 45mins which sux just sitting in the plane on the runway not going any where.


Ryan said...

Sounds fun. Have a good mish, kick some colorado ass. And beat Sam.

glauder said...

You are so awesome.Believe in yourself we do. Love you lots MUM DAD MATT TAM

harley said...

hey man harley here have you found dan yet or was he to wasted hahaha.
fuck that looks primo over there you will have to put up more pics.
give me a txt sometime laters bro