Tuesday, April 26, 2011

drifting out, kayaking in

Thanks to Greg Thomas for these photos from the other day 

Me firing up the 60foot and ben brown loving it at the bottom

 The first rapids a bouncy line and you can go deep if you get the bounce wronge at the bottom
 Trying to get the nose down on the 30, i think ryan was leaning forward as well trying to help me out
 This is one of the bigest drops with a few critical moves, a few of the boys tryed it backwards.
the last big 1

Hey howzit, Im sitting here in bed writing this with my head lamp on with no power in the house after the days storm and its so awsome cos of the sick days boating. I cant take too long writing this as my computer is going flat so enjoy the few pics

 After a crap weekend of drifting the mighty rain came down the country leaving me with dreams all night of going to the Wainui and running the beast of a 65footer that ryan lucus had 1st descented about 8 months ago.

After a few phone calls around to see what the haps was a crew gathered at the tuna store and headed out.

 The put in looked like a sweet flow and it was perfect!
 ryan fired up after the 1st few drops
 This is a sweet slide into a 10footer, most of the drops dont look super clean but all go apart from 1 that is to narrow.
the 30footer has to be the most similar rapid to spirit falls on the Little White in Oregan you could ever get

Greg Thomas had a little swim on the river right in here, when i baged him out he was very blue and very F@#ked
And 7 of us fired up the 60footer, every ones lines were sweet, the 60 is so perfect love it best days boating in along time.
Kiwis learning to fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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