Saturday, March 26, 2011

Waiouru tussock buster trail ride

What a amazing day riding 140km around some of the most scenic tracks ive ever been on with a great bunch of mates. This was the 13th year the tussock buster was run and it was just a great well run event.

Friday things kicked off at 1pm for just a few short 45km laps to learn how to ride again,  after only the first 5 minutes found out that i really needed my goggles because the dust was just crazy but lucky for me we couldnt see and took the wronge turn and were back in the car park after only 10minutes of riding. so grab the goggles and off again.

Dan having a rest and taking in the view on friday
We had a sweet set up for camping with shanes hourse truck having all the gears in it. we had a few beers after riding on friday and im pretty sure that out of about a 1000 people in the camp ground we were the lasy ones to get to sleep and got told off by security for being to loud.

 We had a great little team, Phill mulet shane danny dan tam and me. this was only about 25 km into the huge 90km loop on saturday, we took lots of warm cloths as the dark clouds to the north didnt look good.
 Phill having a few issues on the biggest hill of the ride but it made for a good laugh!
Me and Dan had a few close calls each going down the tank tracks in top gear wide open trying not to hit our feet on the edge of the ruts, i did clip my foot once and thought it was all over but managed to hold it together and keep it pinned.
 The rain clouds rolling in
 The A team less mulet as he had a little spill and riped the radiator off his bike so we left him to make his own way home.
 As the rain set in the tracks turned to mud and it was like trying to ride on ice, but the high ridge and beautiful beech tree forest made up for it.
Thanks every one for a sick few days riding and see you all there next time !

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Tamee Shaw said...

Thanks Brad for the hours of pure entertained you provided oh and the photos. lol. Was a mean as ride, (except for the injuries) but totally worth it. Thanks again, see you next time. TEAM LVN.