Sunday, February 13, 2011

drift car upgrades

hey all, I know its been awhile since I last put sumthing up here but ive been a little busy out in the shed!! after round 3 i new my motor was alittle sad after around 4 years of beating on it drifting. so pulled it out and found 1 piston had nipped up abit from getting to hot, so a little freshen up was in order, with the cost of the after market parts being around the same as the nissan oem parts i went out and found a few top of the line parts to get a little more out of the motor!

 my motor now has a set of acl race bearings, arp rod bolts, cp forged pstion in the botom end and up top a cometic head gasget, kelford cams "ultimite drift cams" along with a set of heavyier valve springs. Hanging of the side now is the beautiful Sinco Customs manifold with a lager holset turbo, for now just cos i had it in the shed and looks cool as! but next week will be geting a gt37 masterpower turbo
As the motor was now out of the car and had sum time i cut out the old front wheel arches and made these sexy big tubs that now allows me to run as bigger wheel and as much lock as i like with no rubbing. so with that done i took out the cross member cut the steering rack mounts off and moved the rack forward about 15mm which gave me around 5 degress more look after taking the grinder to the steering lock stops.

I cant really beleve it myself how good the engine bay looks now, and very staunch with that big turbo hanging off the side!! stay tuned for the end results!!! i cant wait to drive this thing now. hopfully ill get about half as much power again out of it

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Anonymous said...

I don't really know cars but my friend blew a piston and he found cheap OEM Nissan parts and fixed it. Now he is selling his car. I was thinking about buying it but I am not sure if I should or not. What do you think? People say you shouldn't buy cars that have had engine work done because it could happen again. Is that true?