Monday, February 15, 2010

Hanging out in otaki

Me dan and harley went up to gundys to for the night last weekend, we packed up dans new as suzuki and harley rode my bike an headed for the hills but we didnt get far before the first damages. Harley was trying to pull wheels up the paddock on the way an fliped the bike and broke the mud gaurd which was pretty funny an he was ok. dans suzuki is a work of art with the starter not really working and both front brake pads falling out it was a mean funny trip.

saturday morrning going up mt thompsonwhat a poser,

the boys and jess, "at the boiler"

1 of the most amazing sunsets ive ever seen, gundys hut front step. kapiti island and the top of the south island in the back ground
Harley making dessert and dan sleeping

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