Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NZ Drift round 4

On the 11 october i headed down to Taupo with tom and his girl freind for the 4th round of the still vodka nz drift series and dan had been waiting there for a few hours after a long night on the beers and a big drive to taupo with all my tyres for sunday. we checked in to our motel and headed into town for tea after a good feed at breakers. After a good night sleep it was time to get mc ds and head for the track, with all the paper work out of the way and 1st practice ready to start i was getting a bit nerves cos i hadnt driven my car for at least 4 months.
Every thing went well and i couldnt beleave how easy an nice the car was to drive with the new set up.

2nd practice was good but i was trying to push it abit harder and changing my line and had a few spins but all good.

qualifying, i just went out to try and be consistant which i was with 3 good clean runs 78.1, 79, 81, with no real mistakes but wasnt really going hard enough. but all good an had so much!!!!

then got to go out for a thrash at the end an scare the hell out of rach, she loved it!!!!!

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