Monday, May 28, 2012

D1nz is over for the season

What an amazing season in my 1st year in the pro class of D1nz, 2 podium finishes and a over 8th place for the season was just amazing.
All getting to drive at the Hamilton ITM 400 was a great experience, along with a free trip with the car to the soutn island for the north vs soutn round in Timaru. a huge thanks must go out to my sponsors with out you (Sinco customs, luxury sport,alcotane race fuels, Shred motor sport, Adens tyres I would never be able to do this so thanks so much to all of you for your support!

Monday, February 13, 2012

D1NZ Mt Smart 2012, 2nd place yea boy!!!!

What a great weekend it's been, second place in my fourth D1NZ pro event! After a long day Friday getting the track sorted and making sure the car was all sweet we left the track. Waking Saturday morning the rain was falling and looked like it was going to be a repeat of last year...

  Pic, NZPC

But it wasn't to be, by lunchtime the sky had cleared and the sun was out. Practice went OK but I did push a little too hard a few runs and end up tapping the wall and pushing the left rear guard in a bit. The 1st run qualifying I just laid down a smooth, clean run without pushing it too hard. I learned from Taupo that I don't do well if I mess up my 1st run it just messes with my mind then I seem to make more mistakes. The 2nd run was a bit better but the 3rd was the best, pushing harder to the clipping points and making more smoke.

Battles is where its at, Battle #1 against Fanga Dan was interesting.. I had followed him a bit in practice and while the big commy didn't seem that fast, it did make a lot of smoke so I just sat on his tail for my chase run then he made a mistake out of the last corner and spun. All I needed to do was a smooth lead run and it was mine! But I nearly stuffed it up by not getting enough speed in to the 1st corner and needing a lot of hand brake to stay drifting, managed to hold it together and WON.

Battle #2 Gaz, "oh sh*t" I was thinking! I made a smart comment to him just before the battle "sweet now I get to beat another D Corp boy!" (sorry Gaz). Well, it must have helped cos I chased him OK then on his chase he made a mistake, lost his speed and spun on the 2nd corner. Holy crap, I Won again!!!

Battle #3 Darren. This boy from the Naki can drive! I just chased him hard then pushed hard on my lead run and took the win.

Battle #4 Curt. The final battle to see who would take out the round.. I chased hard but didn't get close enough coming into the section and he got a bit of a gap on me, then he was all over me in the chase run and he took the win. ME 2nd and so stoked!

What a weekend! High powered cars and big cars look cool drifting cos they make lots of smoke but on a tight track like Mt Smart I don't seem to have trouble keeping up with them.. my car doesn't just bag the tyres up when I hit the gas - it just gets grip and goes forward. There's something about night drifting that really gets the crowd going, the sick fireworks on the night intensified the awesome vibe. Thanks so much to my sponsors, I couldn't do it without your help. Here's to another podium finish next round in Whangarei.

To see more photos, check out the full NZPC gallery at

Monday, November 28, 2011

D1NZ Round 2 Pukekohe

Hey how's it every one! D1NZ Round 2 happened over the weekend and what a crazy few days it was. I got out on the track Friday morning, did 3 average runs then got told off for being over the track's 95db noise limit... along with about 20 other cars. That meant I spent the rest of the day trying to shut the car up, while still keeping some horsepower to get around the track.

After welding a new pipe on the muffler I'd had enough and went out on the track and it was all good. I didn't get told off, and laid down some really soild runs while following Gaz Whiter to get my entry speed right.

Saturday morning was looking like it was going to be a great day, with clear skies and the wind up meaning the homos with their noise meter couldnt get good readings and wouldn't be on track for the day. But it all changed when the screw out of the throttle butterfly came out and went through the motor.

It must have gotten stuck under the valve and caused the rocker to pop off. I fixed that then it still wouldn't run right, pulled the sparkplug out and oh sh*t that was all messed up from the screw bouncing around in the head! Turns out that tiny screw bouncing around had messed up #4 piston and spark plug, such a crazy little thing to happen! I fixed it and went out and did 1 qualifying run. It was ok but I wasnt super happy with it, but didn't want to do any more runs in case I messed up the motor for battles. As it turns out my run was good enough 7th place in qualifying - so pretty stoked for straight out of the gate!

Stopping for lunch, the pits opened up to the fans and it was great! I had so many people of all ages coming up and saying hello, wanting posters, having a sit in the car and just wanting photos of me and the car. I signed and gave away 100 posters and ran out about half way through the pit walk! Really stoked with the fan base the car and my driving is attracting this season.

Promo girls hhhmmmmm what can i say,  WOW!!!

Into the top 16! After our top 16 parade lap and burnout, it was into the first battles. I went up against Mark Burling in his new S15. After the 1st ran the car started missing again really bad, by this stage in the day I was so over the stupid motor so just kept driving it. My chase run with Mark was pretty crap as the car was struggling to stay on boost running on 3 cylinders but lucky we got a re-run and i just went for it, making it through to the top 8. I was up against Darren Benjamin (who was #1 qualifier), he led 1st and I made a big mistake around the sweeper and the motor died and didnt want to run any more... I got it started and couldn't carry on the way the beaten motor was going so returned to the pits and Darren went through to the top 4 and went on to 3rd place over all - CONGRATULATIONS Darren - pleased the new Rookies in the D1 this year are showing a lot of people how it's done!

What a weekend! I ended up placing 6th on the day, not too bad after doing four runs on 3 cylinders. Lucky I managed to keep it on the pipe and on the track, stoked with the outcome after all that went on over the weekend!

Cant wait for round 3 Taupo I  love that track!!!!

A huge thanks to Ryan Sun at Luxury Sports, Alcotane Racing Fuels, Adens Trye Shop, Sinco Customs, Rachael at Catapult Creative, Shred Motorsport, WAL Engineering - without you guys I couldn't do what I do, so thanks a lot!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

NZ drift nats 2011

Had a great day at the NZ Drift Nationals at hampton downs yesterday, qualified in 7th and ended up in 6th over all beating steve sole and tuxx and losing to mad mike and carl ruiterman in very close battles! thanks a lot to shred motorsport, luxury sports, Alcotane, sinco customs

Monday, May 30, 2011

Motox in Taupo

Had a good day yesterday racing at taupo mx track, myself phil and dan walker drove up from Otaki saturday.

 phill lined up in the open all in race
 phill looking styly
 its along day waiting for your race to come around and lucky i had a couch that i was taking home
 phill jumping the start finish line with mt ruapehu in th background
 dan battling it out for 4th place
I won our 2nd race which i was very stoked about and keen to get in to racing a bit more over the winter
 dan on the left and me on the right getting ready for the last race, it went well for me for the first few laps getting a good start  and getting out in front but made a few small mistakes and 2nd place closed the gap and came up the inside on a corner and took me out and i got stuck under my bike for long enough that every one past me so it was time to have sum fun doing jumps. dan ended up 4th in this race.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wainui movie

check out video fromt the wainui last week

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

drifting out, kayaking in

Thanks to Greg Thomas for these photos from the other day 

Me firing up the 60foot and ben brown loving it at the bottom

 The first rapids a bouncy line and you can go deep if you get the bounce wronge at the bottom
 Trying to get the nose down on the 30, i think ryan was leaning forward as well trying to help me out
 This is one of the bigest drops with a few critical moves, a few of the boys tryed it backwards.
the last big 1

Hey howzit, Im sitting here in bed writing this with my head lamp on with no power in the house after the days storm and its so awsome cos of the sick days boating. I cant take too long writing this as my computer is going flat so enjoy the few pics

 After a crap weekend of drifting the mighty rain came down the country leaving me with dreams all night of going to the Wainui and running the beast of a 65footer that ryan lucus had 1st descented about 8 months ago.

After a few phone calls around to see what the haps was a crew gathered at the tuna store and headed out.

 The put in looked like a sweet flow and it was perfect!
 ryan fired up after the 1st few drops
 This is a sweet slide into a 10footer, most of the drops dont look super clean but all go apart from 1 that is to narrow.
the 30footer has to be the most similar rapid to spirit falls on the Little White in Oregan you could ever get

Greg Thomas had a little swim on the river right in here, when i baged him out he was very blue and very F@#ked
And 7 of us fired up the 60footer, every ones lines were sweet, the 60 is so perfect love it best days boating in along time.
Kiwis learning to fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!